Some Days I Need Techno, and Some Days I need more TECHNO !

Bibliothéque Nicosia

Inside the walled city of Nicosia, a very historic and famous district for tourists and locals, Bibliothéque café and Restaurant have both the old folkloric characteristics and the modern atmosphere. What if you visit it for a RAVE !


ETERNITY will organize upcoming raves with amazing international and local DJs , Stay tuned !


checkout some DJs who were part of our journey



Berlin is the spot of contemporary arts, Istanbul would be the all-time winner. Raised in Istanbul, co-resident in Vancouver, Kuvoka got all the ingredients to be productive on 4/4 beats.

His ability behind the mixer and crowd control let him play in so many clubs and festivals around Turkey. Already secured releases on respected labels like Orange, Renesanz, Second State, Tronic & KD Raw on the pipe-line, homebase on Jeton, Kuvoka is rising…



The electronic music duo Neither Nor, formed by Oğulcan Doğan and Oğulcan Sarıca, continues their production without slowing down with their first official musical work of the new year, “Exit”. Continuing their production intensively in the studio since their short album "Chemical Folk", which consists of two tracks, which they released in early 2020, they have produced popular productions such as "Physical Wave", "Hue", "There She Was", "Safe" and "Upland". Neither Nor released their new project “Exit” on Jeton Records. Oğulcan Sarıca is in the director's chair of the video clip of the project, in which Techno's early breezes and break-beat tones are presented together. We talked with Neither Nor about the beginning stages of their music career, their favorites in their studio, their "Exit" project that made them join Jeton Records, Antalya and other projects they were working on.



Born and raised in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, Osman Merter has travelled many countries attending various parties and music festivals. His eclectic music taste is derived from having a raver soul. His journey from the dance floor to the stage started at the end of 2018. Since then, he has performed in almost every club or bar as well as festivals and private events. Being one of the most respected uprising local DJs, his passion to deliver the best experience to the dance floor has gained people’s trust and loyalty. His signature sounds can be characterized as dark, driving and euphoric. His DJing style is considered to be dynamic, pumping and aggressive. The genres he plays vary from dark and industrial to hard techno, occasionally involving melodic elements. It’s this combination that forms the foundation of Osman Merter’s assertive approach to techno music.



In the 90'S when her parents flat was piled high with vinyl, O Lee was getting acquainted with the word DJ and skillfully recorded amateur mixes for her friends listening pleasure.

Her professional career started in 2005 when she become a resident of 2 of the best clubs in Kiev (Ukraine)- namely Kaif Club & Tsar Project and started to collaborate with italian electronic project Underground Loophole, a rapport which quickly grew stronger giving rise to various productions and remixes in quick succession.

Miss O Lee can be seen playing all around Europe and Asia. She is the first ukrainean female DJ who played at Love Parade Festival (Germany) & Sonar (Spain).

As one of her many collaborations and projects she is working in a studio on her new vocal project, soon to be unleashed into awaiting eardrums.

Miss O Lee considered by many fans to be one of the greatest female DJs. Her infectious personality garnished with a rare musical taste, is what really puts her a step above a lot of DJ's out there. With her out-going perspective, the future is definitely looking even brighter for this promising talent as she continues to push the limits of electronic music beyond its span.
Miss O Lee has an open-minded, creative style of sounds that penetrates the skin deeper than tatoos and she is heading towards a more deep, mature and eclectic crowd out there.

When asked once Miss O Lee said ‘’Music is my biggest passion. Music is my life’’ and this is exactly what radiate's in the atmosphere around her playing sets.



Doga Turan Kukrer a.k.a Alchemist is a Cyprus based DJ. His style is influenced by the music & underground culture of Manchester, where he lived for 6 years. His genre being mainly techno & house, his sound is rich in melody, soul and it has hints of deep, progressive and dark aspects

and more to come ..



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